Starter Guide

This page contains information about what you need to do in order to grow stronger on Ethernum Dragon Nest.

Every new creater created on Ethernum Dragon Nest, they will receive Starter Pack on this list:


Ethernum Newbie Helmet


Contains Skilla Helmet

Ethernum Newbie Armor


Contains Skilla Armor

Ethernum Newbie Lower Body


Contains Skilla Lower Body

Ethernum Newbie Gloves


Contains Skilla Gloves

Ethernum Newbie Shoes


Contains Skilla Shoes

Secondary Weapon Box


Contains Skilla Secondary Weapon

Main Weapon Box


Contains Calypse Main Weapon

Accesories Box


Contains Genesis Accesory

Level 99 Jumping Potion


Get level 99 Instantly after using the potion

Hero's Gold Coin


Item can be sold at NPC to receive 1000 Gold

Press (i) to open Inventory

Go to Cash Tab to use your Potion, right click to use the potion

Right Click to open the Newbie Box

Right Click to use the items

After using all of the Newbie items

After all, please find Merchant NPC around the town to move to Saint Haven town.

After finish moving town, you can click (M) button on your keyboard to open the MAP and find same icon like on the screenshot and then do left click to teleport on that NPC

After teleported into the Warp Guide NPC, please talk to her to change your First Specialization, Second Specialization based on the Classes and Specialization List that you have read before

You will also be able to unlock Awakening on Warp Guide NPC

Talk with her again

Talk with her again to unlock Awakening Skills and Hero Skills

After finishing that step, Press (K) on your keyboard to learn the skills

After learning the skills, you can press Apply

After learning all of the skills, there is a thing that you need to do to grow stronger.. but first, you have to finish this simple guide that already shown on the game:

After Finishing some on the quest, you will receive an reward that will be sent into your in game Mail Box

Click on the Retrieve button to receive the reward attachments

You need to clear all of Novice Quest in order to do Trade to player or using Trading House.

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